7 in a bag
Price: $5.00
grow bag
Salad Size 9 gallons
Price: $12.00
Salad planter 9gallons:
Grow your own food 

 Growbags are a fulfilling way to garden !
 Use a bag of premixed soil or Go Organic
Whatever your situation may be using the growbags are  a successful way to grow.
 The bags keep in nutrients for the plant 
 regulate moisture and root growth
Give the Grow Bag a Try
Good Soil = Good Healthy Food
 Use season after season
4 Styles , 2 Sizes,  $12.00  each
So Clever!
The Podhead  TM
 Make tripods in a flash with podheads.

A clever piece that goes on top to hold  supports together.
Bamboo, hardwood cuttings, stakes 
You decide how tall.
 Support beans,peas,tomatoes,cucumbers clematis ,jasmine, just to name a few.
An easy an effective way to keep tripods together

Podheads are great in winter to
 make supports to protect plants.
 Just cover tripod with cloth 
or protective covering.
Have a pack of podheads on hand.

 Support and Protection
 7 in a pack only $5.00
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