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cultivator,edger,weeder Best Tool In Earth!
Price: $23.00
Cobrahead Long Handle
Same amazing tool on a long handle. Ergonomic design eases pain. Specify 45' , 54" ,60".
Price: $55.00
Long Handle Cobrahead:
Developed by an organic veggie gardener this tool is amazing!
Steel neck with a self sharpening head and recycled handle.
Gets where a big hoe can't and still handles the workload.  
Doesn't disturb small seedlings. Accomadates righty or lefty.
Made in U.S.A. 
Spear Head Shovel
Work smarter not harder
Let the shovel do the work  
This one does    
Developed by two guys who did a lot of digging. This one hails from Connecticut.
Made   in  U.S.A
     P.O. Box 166

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