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Create a vertical garden
 Made in USA
Burlap Pocket Planter
 Loaded with Possibilities
Sanitized Burlap
To make a vertical garden simply attach bags together,there are grommets on the top and bottom corners.Place plants in pockets and hang
Stackable pocket planters make great gift items for any occasion. Simply place your potted plant or bouquet in the pocket for a lovely presentation
Versatile, easy to hang
 fresh flowers brighten any setting 
Pocket Grow Bag
Pack of three.Pocket planters attach to create a vertical garden for herbs or other delights .FREE shipping for a limited time
Price: $24.95
Burlap Pocket Planter
This one stands alone. no grommets on bottom for stacking. Solids or multi. Pocket for ID tag.
Price: $10.00
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Original Orchid Bag
Unique grow bag for Orchids Breathable with good drainage and support. Orchids thrive in the burlap grow bags. Contour bottom for snug fit!
Price: $10.00
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New Way To Display
Original Orchid BagTM
                                                           patent pending
Made in USA
Earth Friendly
When planting directly in pocket use spaghnum moss with planting medium. Secure orchid
Follow growers directions 
 re: light and water
  moisten bag before planting     water well after planting.
Indoors, water in sink
To Display Bouquets
Place cup of water in pocket
Add fresh flowers
Natural Burlap pockets go with any decor. Enjoy!

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